Les Voyageurs d'Outre-Monde
Metal Opera from Lyon, FR


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Les Voyageurs d’Outre-Monde (The Outerworld Travelers) is a collaborative music project that brings together Lyon-based musicians from different backgrounds to create an album that blends opera and metal. This fusion of different musical genres offers a unique sound experience in service of an epic narrative. The story of the album is written in French.

The project is also a graphic adventure. Visual artists have collaborated together to bring the characters and their fantastic universe to life.

Les Voyageurs d’Outre-Monde (The Outerworld Travelers) aims to showcase the creativity and talent of Lyon’s music scene as well as these artists.

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Published may 8 2023

Discover our music team

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Meet the cast of the Les Voyageurs d’Outre-Monde project as well as its musicians and Listen to them in their respective musical projects.

Published may 8 2023

Découvrez les premiers extraits de l’album

Track #7 Demo excerpt:

Orchestral excerpt Track #2:

Published may 8 2023